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Bucknell-Howard Exchange Programs

Bucknell University and Howard University participated in weekend-, week-, and semester-long exchanges with each other throughout during the Civil Rights Era. 

Discrimination and Fraternities

The influence of Greek life on Bucknell's campus often reinforced discrimination at the University.  These documents illustrate both the frustration of professors and students with the campus climate as well as the administration's attempts to combat discrimination within fraternities.

Bucknell NAACP

This exhibit presents all Bucknellian articles and Christian Association records regarding the Bucknell chapter of the NAACP.

Bucknell and Voter Registration

Bucknell students participated in the Civil Rights movement in a number of ways, and one of these ways was volunteering in the south registering African Americans to vote. This exhibit showcases news articles and correspondence detailing these service trips. 

Discrimination and Admissions

In the early 1960s, Bucknell's student newspaper published an editorial commenting on the lack of diversity at the University and questioning if there was discrimination in the admissions process. The administration fired back, and several articles and discussions emerged, eventually concluding that the lack of black students at Bucknell was not the administration's fault. 

African American Speakers at Bucknell

A look at the notable African American speakers who have visited Bucknell over the years.

Bucknell Exchange with Historically Black Universities

While the most popular exchange program Bucknell promoted was with Howard University, Bucknell also participated in exchange programs with Virginia Union, Hampton College, and Morehouse College in the 1950s and 60s. This exhibit showcases Bucknell student experiences at these schools.

Black Students at Bucknell

Over the years, Bucknell University has struggled with a lack of diversity. Students of color have struggled with the difficulties of underrepresentation at an predominantly white university even as the administration has struggled to attract more black students. This exhibit showcases documents illustrating both the difficulties of black students and the university's attempts to make Bucknell more welcoming and affordable. 

Discrimination in Lewisburg

In 1960, Evans Tavern in Lewisburg denied entrance to a black Bucknell student. As a result, students organzied a demonstration and boycott. These are the news articles and administration correspondence regarding the incidence.